Joy and God’s Omniscience

Here’s an excerpt from a daily devotional book containing various writings of James Montgomery Boice.  This is a commentary of sorts on John 21:15, where Peter says to Jesus, You know that I love you!“There is joy in an awareness of God’s omniscience – for two reasons.”“First, God knows the worst about us and loves… Continue reading Joy and God’s Omniscience

Self-denial, Cross-bearing: No Thanks!

 J. M. Boice’s Christ’s Call to Discipleship is a great book on what it means to follow Jesus.  Some parts of this book are a little dated, but it is a good one to have for sure (used copies are well under $10 shipped).  Here’s a snippet: “In my judgment, the real reason why so… Continue reading Self-denial, Cross-bearing: No Thanks!

Salvation: All of God, All of Grace

  This is a great section from a great book: "The doctrines of grace [a.k.a. TULIP] stand or fall together, and together they point to one central truth: salvation is all of grace because it is all of God; and because it is all of God, it is all for his glory." "To fully appreciate… Continue reading Salvation: All of God, All of Grace

The (In)Sufficiency of the Word

  In chapter three of Whatever Happened to the Gospel of Grace James M. Boice discussed the sufficiency of God's Word.  Listen to these thought-provoking insights. "...Inerrancy is not the most critical issue facing the church today.  The most serious issue, I believe, is the Bible's sufficiency.  Do we believe that God has given us what we need in… Continue reading The (In)Sufficiency of the Word

Resources on Preaching/Teaching Joshua

Following Andrew’s helpful post on study resources for Zechariah’s night visions, I thought I’d summarize different resources I’ve used while preaching/teaching through Joshua.  Going through this OT narrative has been an enjoyable endeavor, even though the tribal allotments in the last part of the book have been challenging.  To note ahead of time, most of… Continue reading Resources on Preaching/Teaching Joshua