Growing in Christ: Creed, Commandments, and Prayer

I've found J. I. Packer's Growing in Christ to be a helpful and brief summary of the basics of the Christian faith: the themes of the Apostle's Creed, the Ten Commandments, and the Lord's Prayer.  Indeed, most Reformation catechisms contain discussions of these three basics since even young children can learn and should know them. … Continue reading Growing in Christ: Creed, Commandments, and Prayer

Adding to the Word?

Here's one more great section from Packer's Fundamentalism and the Word of God. In the concluding section Packer mentions how salvation from sin is a gift of divine grace alone through faith alone, "and faith is no more than an activity of reception, contributing nothing to that which it receives."  Since Christ's work is perfect… Continue reading Adding to the Word?

Holy Scripture

I like how Packer summarizes the historic Christian view of Scripture. "...The teaching of the written Scriptures is the Word which God spoke and speaks to his Church, and is finally authoritative for faith and life.  To learn the mind of God, one must consult his written Word.  What Scripture says, God says.  The Bible… Continue reading Holy Scripture