How Far Can We Trust Him? (Machen)

When the Christian says "Jesus is God," he does not mean Jesus is a god, or that Jesus is god like we are all gods.  "Jesus is God" does not mean Jesus is an avatar of some deity, it does not mean that Jesus had the spark of the divine in his bosom.  It means… Continue reading How Far Can We Trust Him? (Machen)

“God Walked Here Upon The Earth” (Machen)

 In the 1930's J. Gresham Machen wrote that belief in the virgin birth "is certainly necessary to Christianity," and also "necessary to the corporate witness of the Church."  In the concluding chapter of his excellent scholarly book, The Virgin Birth of Christ, Machen made some great conclusions on his lengthy study of the biblical truth that… Continue reading “God Walked Here Upon The Earth” (Machen)

Christian Doctrine and Experience (Machen)

Sometimes Christians get doctrine and experience mixed up.  For example, suppose a person came to faith by experiencing the kindness of Jesus.   Then suppose the same person started teaching that the essence of conversion is experiencing Jesus' kindness.   It is biblically true and wonderful that Jesus is kind.  But it isn't helpful - or… Continue reading Christian Doctrine and Experience (Machen)

Jesus, Paul, Redemption, Religion

Around 100 years ago, liberals were driving a big wedge between Paul and Jesus; something similar is still happening today.  For example, some people say that Jesus was a nice teacher of morals (the first Christian and a martyr for the cause), but Paul came in and messed it all up with detailed doctrine. Machen… Continue reading Jesus, Paul, Redemption, Religion

The Christian School, American Liberty, and the Christian Faith

I'm thankful to God for the small but solid Christian school I attended in rural Northwest Iowa some years back; I'm also thankful for the small but solid Christian school my kids attend today here in Western Wisconsin.  On the topic of Christian schools, this speech J. G. Machen gave in 1933 at the "Educational… Continue reading The Christian School, American Liberty, and the Christian Faith