Is He A Christian? I’ll Be The Judge!?!

Sometimes, humanly speaking, we know when a person is not a Christian.  If they say they are not a Christian, or if they don’t know a thing about Jesus, or if their life (words and deeds) has absolutely no fruit, most likely the person is not a Christian.  However, we should not go around making… Continue reading Is He A Christian? I’ll Be The Judge!?!

There Are No Degrees In Justification

Christians sometimes have a tendency to make the “gate” or “way” more narrow than Jesus made it (Matt. 7:13).  Not only is this sinful and arrogant, it also portrays the Lord as strict, harsh, unmerciful, and unkind – when in reality he is gentle, meek, merciful, and full of loving-kindness beyond our comprehension.  I appreciate… Continue reading There Are No Degrees In Justification