The Lord Opened Her Heart (Acts 16:14)

One of the places in Scripture that teaches effectual calling (irresistible grace) and the sovereignty of God in regeneration is Acts 16:14, where Luke writes this about Lydia: "The Lord opened her heart to respond to the things spoken by Paul (NASB)."  I appreciate Richard Sibbes' comments on this text: "...As our hearts are shut… Continue reading The Lord Opened Her Heart (Acts 16:14)

Regeneration: Irresistible and Inadmissible

Peter Van Mastricht (d. 1706) was an outstanding Dutch Reformed scholastic, theologian, and professor in Holland during the late 17th century.  His greatest work was Theologia Theoretico-Practica, which was essentially a systematic theology for the mind and heart.  Here’s one section of that work, which specifically has to do with regeneration.  I realize the language… Continue reading Regeneration: Irresistible and Inadmissible

Second Clement, Effectual Calling, and Regeneration

2 Clement is an early sermon or “word of exhortation” that was written around 100 AD (or possible around 130 AD).  It was written not by Clement, but by an anonymous presbyter.  Michael Holmes calls it “the oldest surviving complete Christian sermon outside the New Testament.” The sermon opens with an exhortation to “think of… Continue reading Second Clement, Effectual Calling, and Regeneration