The Busy, Extroverted, Moving Church

One way churches in the United States (and other Western cultures no doubt) mirror the consumer mindset is the emphasis on growth, speed, movement, newness, and the instant.  Today churches advertise using words like these: on the move, dynamic, exploding, vibrant, fresh, growing, alive, pulsating, energetic, and so on.  I appreciate how Adam McHugh criticizes… Continue reading The Busy, Extroverted, Moving Church

Introverts in the Church

 Someone mentioned Adam McHugh's new book to me: Introverts in the Church: Finding our Place in an Extroverted Culture (Downers Grove: InterVarsity Press, 2009).  As a pastor, the topic fascinated me so I quickly ordered it.  It wasn't exactly what I expected, but I wasn't disappointed.  I can even identify with introverts, since there are times… Continue reading Introverts in the Church