Christ Loves You Therefore He Prays for You (Boston)

Volume one of Thomas Boston's Complete Works is basically a treatise on the main Christian doctrines (God, Scripture, creation, man, etc.). Each chapter gives the biblical teaching on these topics. In his chapter on Christ's priestly office, Boston gave seven reasons why Christ continually intercedes for his people. It's a comforting reality to know that… Continue reading Christ Loves You Therefore He Prays for You (Boston)

Definite Atonement and Christ’s Intercession (Owen)

One of the major biblical reasons why I believe and teach the doctrine of limited atonement (better: definite atonement) has to do with Jesus' work of salvation.  Specifically, the Bible teaches that Jesus' obedience, suffering, and death is very much connected to his resurrection, ascension, and intercession (Is. 53:12b, Rom. 8:33-34).  Those for whom Jesus… Continue reading Definite Atonement and Christ’s Intercession (Owen)

Prayer, Intercession, and Perseverance

Sometimes it's hard to pray.  Sometimes Christians find themselves in a spiritual funk in which they can barely breathe out a prayer to God.  I’ve had it before where all I could really say was a weak, “Help me, God!”  It’s never fun or easy to go through these times in life; they are not… Continue reading Prayer, Intercession, and Perseverance

The Wandering Mind in Prayer

Sometimes when the Christian prays, his or her mind wanders.  We’ve all had it, no doubt, when we’re praying and our mind ends up thinking about our son’s dentist appointment or our friend’s new mountain bike.  While a wandering mind during prayer isn’t a good thing, we shouldn’t despair because of it.  William Gurnall (d.… Continue reading The Wandering Mind in Prayer

Comfort In and Through Temptation

What comfort do Christians have in and through temptation?  How does the gospel apply when Satan tempts us?  Thomas Brooks answered these questions brilliantly in his book, The Mute Christian Under the Smarting Rod.  One of the comforts Christians have in and through affliction is Christ’s continual priestly intercession for us.  Below is an edited… Continue reading Comfort In and Through Temptation