Inspiration, Criticism, and Fallacious Understanding

Modern critics of Scripture argue that since we only have copies of the words God inspired, we don’t have God’s actual and inspired word.  Bart Ehrman said it like this: “If God really wanted people to have his actual words, surely he would have miraculously preserved those words, just as he had miraculously inspired them… Continue reading Inspiration, Criticism, and Fallacious Understanding

Holy Scripture

I like how Packer summarizes the historic Christian view of Scripture. "...The teaching of the written Scriptures is the Word which God spoke and speaks to his Church, and is finally authoritative for faith and life.  To learn the mind of God, one must consult his written Word.  What Scripture says, God says.  The Bible… Continue reading Holy Scripture

Two Good Reads

A few weeks back I finished this historical biography on Anne Bradstreet (1612-1642) by Faith Cook: Anne Bradstreet Pilgrim and Poet (Carlisle: EP Books, 2010).  This is a great introduction to an amazing Puritan woman's life, times, and writings.  Anne came to America with some of the first Puritan refugees in the 1630s and faced… Continue reading Two Good Reads

Following Maps

"Knowing is neither a matter of building foundations nor of weaving webs but of following maps.  'Following maps' is a better image because it recognizes the priority of the canonical text and its relationship to reality - just these maps - over one's use or reading of it.  Moreover the drama of doctrine is precisely… Continue reading Following Maps