Injustice, Revenge, Violence …and Forgiveness! (Volf)

(This post was originally published August 2017) Miroslav Volf's Exclusion and Embrace is a very thoughtful and interesting book on identity, reconciliation, oppression, justice, and so forth.  I don't agree with everything Volf says, but I am enjoying the book.  This morning I ran across his section on forgiveness, which was very helpful.  Here are… Continue reading Injustice, Revenge, Violence …and Forgiveness! (Volf)

A Cup of Cold Water (In Jesus’ Name)

I like one of Os Guinness' descriptions of how to deal with all the evil and injustice in the world. "..[As followers of Christ] we each walk the earth to fulfill God's call.  We are therefore entrepreneurs of our lives, and each and every one of us is responsible for making the most of our… Continue reading A Cup of Cold Water (In Jesus’ Name)