Contentment and Bioethics

 One thing I appreciate about David VanDrunen's book on bioethics is the section on virtue in the Christian life.  Here's one part worth underscoring. "The virtue of contentment is crucial for bioethics in large part because bioethical questions usually emerge as a result of dissatisfaction with our current state of affairs.  Bioethics concerns things that we desire but… Continue reading Contentment and Bioethics

Christian Bioethics

This is an outstanding book: Bioethics and the Christian Life by David VanDrunen (Wheaton: Crossway, 2009).  While I've only read a few books on this subject (including stuff by Stanley Hauerwas and Gilbert Meilaender), I'm glad that this one found its way to my shelves.  I'll no doubt pass it around to elders, pastors, and church teachers/leaders… Continue reading Christian Bioethics