Why Does God Allow Temptations?

Sometimes a child of God asks, "Why does God allow me to be tempted?" Or "Why does God permit indwelling sin to remain in me? Why do I still struggle with these dark sins?" Those are good but difficult questions. Many Christians have asked those kinds of questions before, so if they've come to your… Continue reading Why Does God Allow Temptations?

Why Does God Allow Sin to Remain in the Regenerate? (Boston)

"Why do I keep struggling with the same sinful thoughts?"  "Why can't I just gain victory over lust and pride?"  "Why in the world does God allow sin to remain in his people?"  These are questions Christians ask from time to time.  We think of how nice it would be if we didn't have to… Continue reading Why Does God Allow Sin to Remain in the Regenerate? (Boston)

Had He Not Been With Me

On June 5, 1776, John Newton wrote the following in a letter to his friend, a certain Mrs. C. As to myself, I have had much experience of the deceitfulness of my heart, much warfare on account of the remaining principle of indwelling sin. Without this experience I would not have known so much of… Continue reading Had He Not Been With Me

Prone to Wander, Preserved by Grace

The following quote from a 1763 letter shows why John Newton is one of my favorite Christian authors.  Notice how a violent struggle against indwelling sin does not weaken Newton’s assurance of faith.  He is deeply disturbed by his indwelling sin, but he does not despair over it because of God’s sovereign and preserving grace. … Continue reading Prone to Wander, Preserved by Grace