Masculinity and Family Values: The Cure to Society’s Ills?

I’m very skeptical about “Christian” patriarchy and the Family Integrated Church movement for biblical and (Reformed) theological reasons.  I’m also skeptical of these things for social (or sociological) reasons. I agree with many of the points made by the authors of Habits of the Heart: Individualism and Commitment in American Life.  Here’s an excerpt from… Continue reading Masculinity and Family Values: The Cure to Society’s Ills?

Cowboys, Detectives, and Loner Christians

In Habits of the Heart (2008 ed.) the authors brilliantly illustrate American individualism by examining American stories – specifically stories of the cowboy and the detective.  Even more interesting is what John Locke has to do with cowboys and detectives. “Individualism lies at the very core of American culture. …John Locke is the key figure… Continue reading Cowboys, Detectives, and Loner Christians

Individualism, America, and the Church

Here in Washington State, I live relatively close to the trail that Lewis and Clark forged to make it to the West Coast in 1805.  Having studied their journey in some detail, I think it is a microcosm of the rugged American individualism that is so rampant today.  It shows up in all sorts of… Continue reading Individualism, America, and the Church

Raising Paine in the Church

 In this great book on the fellowship or communion of the saints, Philip Ryken explains one major hindrance to solid fellowship. "Another obstacle to the communion of the saints is the pride of individualism.  This is especially a problem in the American church.  When the French statesman Alexis de Tocqueville (1805-59) visited the United States in… Continue reading Raising Paine in the Church

Lone Ranger Christians?

 In the early church, one thing Cyprian stressed over and over is the importance of Christians being united with an assembly of other Christians (a.k.a. a/the church).  Some Christians were tempted to leave the assembly because of persecution; others were tempted to leave because some sect was pulling them away.  Today, the reasons for Christians not uniting publicly with other… Continue reading Lone Ranger Christians?