Who Could Imagine the Gospel? (Swinnock)

At one point in his book, The Incomparableness of God, George Swinnock reflected on how God's word is incomparable. He said that the depths and profundities of Scripture could not possibly have been imagined or made up by people or angels. Swinnock then asked a series of rhetorical questions to emphasize his point. ...Who could… Continue reading Who Could Imagine the Gospel? (Swinnock)

“God Walked Here Upon The Earth” (Machen)

 In the 1930's J. Gresham Machen wrote that belief in the virgin birth "is certainly necessary to Christianity," and also "necessary to the corporate witness of the Church."  In the concluding chapter of his excellent scholarly book, The Virgin Birth of Christ, Machen made some great conclusions on his lengthy study of the biblical truth that… Continue reading “God Walked Here Upon The Earth” (Machen)

Thank God For the Christmas Season (Machen)

In a sermon preached soon before his death in 1936, J. G. Machen explained how the Bible puts an “enormous emphasis” on the death of Christ.  He also noted how the Christian church places a great emphasis on Christ’s death – we “chiefly commemorate” the death of Christ because it is God’s wisdom and our… Continue reading Thank God For the Christmas Season (Machen)

Mythical Adam = Mythical Gospel

Many of our readers probably know that some in broadly Christian circles debate whether Adam and Eve were real, actual, historical people.  Some believe, based on the theory of evolution, that Adam and Eve were either not the first humans or they are simply myths or symbols God used to describe some truths.  Historic Christianity,… Continue reading Mythical Adam = Mythical Gospel

Meditations on the Incarnation

In May of 2012 I gave a short list of day-by-day devotionals I recommend (see HERE).  Since then, I’ve come across a few more I’d recommend; I’ll update that list sooner than later and perhaps make it a dedicated page here on the blog (like I did with the kids’ books). For now, I’d like… Continue reading Meditations on the Incarnation