…It Is Reckoned To Be Truly Ours (Turretin)

Justifying faith is not a work; it is not the meritorious grounds of justification nor is it an antecedent (or a priori) condition of the covenant of grace.  Justifying faith is an instrument that receives the active and passive obedience (the righteousness) of Christ, which are the grounds for justification.  Speaking of the righteousness of… Continue reading …It Is Reckoned To Be Truly Ours (Turretin)

Justification and Double Imputation

Romans 5:19 and 2 Corinthians 5:19-21 are two places in Scripture that teach the twin truths of justification and double imputation: “For as through the one man’s disobedience the many were made sinners, even so through the obedience of the One the many will be made righteous.” “…He made Him who knew no sin to… Continue reading Justification and Double Imputation

Hodge on Imputation

Here are some great words by Charles Hodge on imputation and justification. The righteousness of Christ is imputed to the believer for his justification. The word impute is familiar and unambiguous. To impute is to ascribe to, to reckon to, to lay to one’s charge. When we say we impute a good or bad motive… Continue reading Hodge on Imputation

Imputation (Thomas Ridgley)

Thomas Ridgley (d. 1734) was an English Puritan who preached and taught at London for nearly 40 years.  One of his most memorable contributions to the church was his detailed commentary on the Westminster Larger Catechism.  Called A Body of Divinity, this work was his magnum opus.  Here is a helpful section on justification and… Continue reading Imputation (Thomas Ridgley)

Justification: A Present Reality

This is a great little book on justification and sanctification: The Bookends of the Christian Life.  I appreciated the following paragraphs near the beginning of the book. “For Paul (cf. Rom. 5:1 and Gal. 2:15-21), justification was not only a past event; it was also a daily, present reality.  So every day of his life,… Continue reading Justification: A Present Reality