Tabernacle Symbolism: Ten Points

 Vern Poythress’ book, The Shadow of Christ in the Law of Moses (Phillipsburg: P&R, 1991) has some very helpful sections.  Below is Poythress’ summary of how the OT tabernacle is connected to other biblical truths.  These are points that Poythress explains in a more detailed fashion in the early chapters of the book. 1) God… Continue reading Tabernacle Symbolism: Ten Points

Meditations on the Incarnation

In May of 2012 I gave a short list of day-by-day devotionals I recommend (see HERE).  Since then, I’ve come across a few more I’d recommend; I’ll update that list sooner than later and perhaps make it a dedicated page here on the blog (like I did with the kids’ books). For now, I’d like… Continue reading Meditations on the Incarnation

Motyer on Isaiah 7.14b: Immanuel

  Remember the context of Is. 7.14.  Yahweh tells Ahaz to ask for a sign as deep as the depths or as high as the heavens (v.11).  He refuses, so the Lord declares that he himself would give a sign: the virgin conceiving and giving birth to Immanuel (v13-14).  Here is Motyer's comment on the… Continue reading Motyer on Isaiah 7.14b: Immanuel