Living The Story We Believe (Baraka)

As I've mentioned here before, Sho Baraka's song, "Fathers, 2004" is one of my favorite songs. It made me get his book, He Saw That it Was Good. Speaking of, I was recently listening to Baraka's music and this all made me think of the "story" aspect he highlighted in his book. Here it is:… Continue reading Living The Story We Believe (Baraka)

How Do Human Beings Differ From Animals?

In one section of his excellent book, Seven Truths That Changed The World, Ken Samples explains how human beings differ from animals.  It might seem like a no-brainer to some, but this is important to remember when evolutionary theories are creeping into Christian circles and churches.  (Note: as usual, I’ve edited this list to keep… Continue reading How Do Human Beings Differ From Animals?

Evolution and the Image of God

For many good reasons, solid Christian theologians have sharply criticized and rejected Darwinian macro-evolution as an unchristian and unbiblical teaching.  Darwinism doesn’t square with the biblical record nor does it mesh with biblical doctrine.  I bring up this topic because a friend pointed me to a recent article on evolution by a retired Christian Reformed… Continue reading Evolution and the Image of God

Ursinus and Brakel on the Law of Nature

I'm having an unofficial contest with Scott Clark (though he may not be aware of it!).  I'll see his Olevian and raise him two: Ursinus and Brakel: "The natural law, the knowledge of general principles known to men, the difference between things honest and base, engraven upon our hearts, teach that there is a providence:… Continue reading Ursinus and Brakel on the Law of Nature