On The Proper Use of Sickness (Pascal)

 In a written prayer called "To Ask God the Proper Use of Sickness," Blaise Pascal (d. 1662) reflected on health and sickness in the Christian life.  More specifically, Pascal confessed that when he was healthy, he didn't thank God for it and use his health to serve Him.  When he became ill, Pascal prayed that… Continue reading On The Proper Use of Sickness (Pascal)

A Poem for the Ill (Toplady)

 Here are a few verses from a poem Augustus Toplady wrote for those suffering with sickness: Jesus, since I with thee am one; Confirm my soul in thee, And still continue to tread down The man of sin in me. Let not the subtle foe prevail In this my feeble hour Frustrate all the hopes… Continue reading A Poem for the Ill (Toplady)

To Christians Who Suffer

Some Christians suffer more than others.  God, in his mysterious sovereignty, has given some of his children a more difficult lot and heavier load than others.  Depression, chronic illness, handicaps, intense family conflict, mental illness, and other trials are the hard lot of some Christians. Abraham Kuyper reminds us that St. Paul had a very… Continue reading To Christians Who Suffer

When Darkness Hides His Face

Sometimes life for the Christian is just plain hard.  We're not exempt from the effects of Adam's sin, so we face debilitating illnesses, allergies that nearly cripple us, mental anguish that makes for dark days, and other people often are like thorns in our flesh.  Sometimes we still wander and stumble into sin.  Following Jesus… Continue reading When Darkness Hides His Face

Contentment and Bioethics

 One thing I appreciate about David VanDrunen's book on bioethics is the section on virtue in the Christian life.  Here's one part worth underscoring. "The virtue of contentment is crucial for bioethics in large part because bioethical questions usually emerge as a result of dissatisfaction with our current state of affairs.  Bioethics concerns things that we desire but… Continue reading Contentment and Bioethics