Idolatry and Ingratitude (Luther)

 Luther's lectures on Romans were given during the years 1515-1516 at the University of Wittenberg.  During this time, Luther himself was still learning and reforming, so his later lectures and writings are more developed than what you find in his work on Romans.  However, in much of his discussion on Romans he's on the right… Continue reading Idolatry and Ingratitude (Luther)

The Danger of Idols (Lints)

 Not many people in our American culture worship and bow down to physical images and statues.  Instead, our idols are things like money, entertainment, sports, sex, health, fitness, image, relationships, and work.  But whether the idol is an actual statue or something like football or a flat stomach, the truth is that idols are dangerous… Continue reading The Danger of Idols (Lints)

The Simplicity of Reformed Worship

Historic Reformed churches worship the Lord in simplicity.  That is, Reformed churches do not include ceremonies, festivals, crucifixes, processions, incense, relics, images, vestments, altars, and so forth in their worship services.  Reformed worship simply consists of the Word (read, preached, sung, confessed, prayed) and the sacraments (the Lord's supper and baptism). The main reason for… Continue reading The Simplicity of Reformed Worship

The Thin Idol (Or: The Idolatry of Being Thin)

We would be wrong if we thought that eating disorders and obsession with weight and size were things that only teenage girls struggled with.  In fact, many adult women struggle with these things, as do men of various ages.  In our superficial culture where outward appearance is everything, it's easy for us to become obsessed… Continue reading The Thin Idol (Or: The Idolatry of Being Thin)

God’s Unfaithful Wife by R. Ortlund – A Review

If you've read the OT history books and the prophets, you know that God's people time and again were unfaithful to him.  One biblical metaphor for this unfaithfulness is spiritual adultery, or playing the harlot.  Israel prostituted herself with false gods, forsaking her Maker and Husband, Yahweh.  So the Lord brought punishment upon them for… Continue reading God’s Unfaithful Wife by R. Ortlund – A Review