The Patriot’s Bible!? (Trueman)

Earlier today I was reading over some of my highlights in Carl Trueman's book, Republocrat: Confessions of a Liberal Conservative. I had forgotten how much I appreciated it! One section that stuck out to me was Trueman's helpful criticism of "The Patriot's Bible." Here's what he wrote: ...Patriotism, love for one's homeland, is generally a… Continue reading The Patriot’s Bible!? (Trueman)

The Largest Idol…Cast It Down! (McCheyne)

In a sermon on Hosea 14:8 Robert Murray McCheyne gave some helpful notes on idols. After mentioning how we should ask the Lord to take away our idols, McCheyne noted some idols we have that must be cast away. The first on his list was self-righteousness. Here's what McCheyne said: Self-righteousness. This is the largest… Continue reading The Largest Idol…Cast It Down! (McCheyne)

The Futility of Idolatry (Wisdom)

Many of us are perhaps familiar with Isaiah's taunt and mockery of idolatry in 44:9-20. To be sure, there are other places in the Bible that mock the futility of idolatry. Idols are things that a person makes and serves but cannot hear, speak, or help. From one perspective it's a sad and dark evil… Continue reading The Futility of Idolatry (Wisdom)

Idols and Destructive Behavior (Pearcey)

I really appreciate the book Finding Truth by Nancy Pearcey. It's really a great resource for Christian apologetics, reasoning, and worldview. Here's a quote that I've read, marked up, and re-read. I trust you'll find it worthwhile as well: Why do idols invariably lead to destructive behavior? What is the connection? The link is that… Continue reading Idols and Destructive Behavior (Pearcey)

Worshiping the Inventions of Our Own Hearts? (Bullinger)

God is knowable. He has made himself known in and through creation but most specifically and clearly God has made himself known in his Word. Many people, however, think about God in their own terms as they wish. It's not only wrong to think our own independent thoughts about God, it is a dark and… Continue reading Worshiping the Inventions of Our Own Hearts? (Bullinger)