The Largest Idol…Cast It Down! (McCheyne)

In a sermon on Hosea 14:8 Robert Murray McCheyne gave some helpful notes on idols. After mentioning how we should ask the Lord to take away our idols, McCheyne noted some idols we have that must be cast away. The first on his list was self-righteousness. Here's what McCheyne said: Self-righteousness. This is the largest… Continue reading The Largest Idol…Cast It Down! (McCheyne)

The Futility of Idolatry (Wisdom)

Many of us are perhaps familiar with Isaiah's taunt and mockery of idolatry in 44:9-20. To be sure, there are other places in the Bible that mock the futility of idolatry. Idols are things that a person makes and serves but cannot hear, speak, or help. From one perspective it's a sad and dark evil… Continue reading The Futility of Idolatry (Wisdom)

Idols, Significance, and Security

 If you're looking for a helpful biblical resource on idolatry, I very much recommend Richard Lints' Identity and Idolatry.  I've read a few other good resources on idolatry, but in my view, this one is the best.  In this book, Lints talks about the various angles of idolatry, including image, identity, worship, purpose, significance, and security.… Continue reading Idols, Significance, and Security

Your God is Too Small!

In the first half of his excellent book published in 1955, Your God is Too Small, J. B. Phillips exposes “the inadequate conceptions of God which still linger unconsciously in many minds, and which prevent our catching a glimpse of the true God.”  Or, to put it in the form of a question, “What are… Continue reading Your God is Too Small!

Relevance, Truth, and Eternity

  I’ve mentioned many of Os Guinness’ books on this blog in the past, including this one: Prophetic Untimeliness.  Guinness is one of those authors I always enjoy reading.  Below is a section from Prophetic Untimeliness that I have marked up quite a bit; it is on the topic of relevance and the church today.… Continue reading Relevance, Truth, and Eternity