Kuyper: Worship Songs as an Artistic Exhibition?

It’s been awhile since Andrew or I pointed our readers to Abraham Kuyper, so I thought it would be good to do so once again.  The following quotes are found in chapter seven (“Congregational Song”) of Our Worship.  I’ve edited it for the purpose of this blog. “We defend the use of hymns, but we… Continue reading Kuyper: Worship Songs as an Artistic Exhibition?

A Heavenly (Dreamy?) Boyfriend

 This praise song that David Wells critiqued in the 1990's shows how much modern Christian music 1) lacks biblical doctrine, 2) privatizes and individualizes faith, 3) thrives on sentimentality, experience, and emotion, 4) exhibits feminization and juvenilization, and 5) views God or Jesus as a heavenly boyfriend.  Here it is (and please note - songs… Continue reading A Heavenly (Dreamy?) Boyfriend

Sugary Hymns

Check out this section of J. B. Phillips' Your God Is Too Small.  Though the language is slightly dated and the quote is rather long, it is well worth reading. "It is a thousand pities that the word 'child' has so few words that rhyme with it appropriate for a hymn.  But for this paucity… Continue reading Sugary Hymns

The Gurgling Gullet of Modern Religious Self-Confession (Barth on Hymnody)

 Tucked away in I.2 of Barth's Church Dogmatics is a little section on hymnody.  It is one of Barth's running footnotes (in smaller print) in his discussion on the subjective aspect of the Holy Spirit in revelation and man (I.2, Part III.16.2).  The section is quite long, so I'll have to paraphrase it. First, Barth talks… Continue reading The Gurgling Gullet of Modern Religious Self-Confession (Barth on Hymnody)

Singing The Psalms

  We live in a time in which many (most?) churches in the U.S. sing "lite" praise songs with very little theological significance.  I believe this is one reason why these churches have lost their theological footing and are now sailing in the cultural breezes like a kite.  If you sing lite praise songs with fluffy theology, you start… Continue reading Singing The Psalms