Music Monday: “The Promise May Be Long Delayed…” (Cowper)

Here's a good hymn for God's people who are patiently waiting for his help and aid. It was written by William Cowper and is called, "The Lord Will Provide" (Gen. 22:14). Note: the third stanza is a reference to the story in 1 Samuel 23 where God providentially delivered David from Saul's sword and army.… Continue reading Music Monday: “The Promise May Be Long Delayed…” (Cowper)

Music Monday: All Thou Art Is Mine (Toplady)

On this edition of Music Monday, I want to share Augustus Toplady's hymn called "Divine Aid." I didn't have time this morning to find a tune that fits - although I'm sure they're out there. Anyway, here's the wonderful hymn. May it give you Christian comfort and hope today! 1 The power of hell, the… Continue reading Music Monday: All Thou Art Is Mine (Toplady)

Hymn: Of A Rebel Made A Son (Newton)

  Although this hymn by John Newton might have a few titles, one line in it would be my choice for a title: "...Of a rebel made a son."  Whatever it is called, here's Newton's wonderful hymn that exalts the grace and love of Christ.  Say it out loud! Saved by blood, I live to… Continue reading Hymn: Of A Rebel Made A Son (Newton)

“…Mid All Harms” (Luther)

 Here's a great Reformation hymn with an excellent structure: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.  It's by Martin Luther and it's called "We All Believe in One True God." We all believe in one true God, Maker of the earth and heaven, The Father who to us the power To become his sons have given. Soul… Continue reading “…Mid All Harms” (Luther)

American Revivalist Hymns (Marsden)

(This is a repost from February, 2012). Many aspects of today's shallow American hymnody are rooted in the 19th-century revivals.   This is a huge topic, of course, but to get a little glimpse I like how George Marsden writes about it in Fundamentalism and American Culture. "The surge of revivalism associated with the rise of… Continue reading American Revivalist Hymns (Marsden)