When Your Spouse Behaves Badly… (Vernick)

It probably goes without saying that marriages often have rocky patches in them. Husbands and wives are both sinful people and we live in a fallen world with other sinful people, so in this life there is no such thing as a perfect marriage. Even the best marriages have times of conflict and discord. This… Continue reading When Your Spouse Behaves Badly… (Vernick)

Christian Marriage and the Christian Church

 A Christian marriage cannot flourish apart from the church.  This fact is sometimes ignored in Christian counseling and in Christian books on marriage.  But it's true: the local Christian church is a vital ingredient in a solid biblical marriage.  I appreciate how one marriage book, Love That Lasts, emphasizes this fact: "...[T]he local church is the… Continue reading Christian Marriage and the Christian Church

Marriage & the Mystery of the Gospel: A Review

Since our culture has a very distorted moral compass when it comes to marriage and sexuality, many Christian authors and publishers have been giving us quality resources to help us think biblically of these things.  Ray Ortlund's new book, Marriage and the Mystery of the Gospel is one of these quality resources. This book isn't… Continue reading Marriage & the Mystery of the Gospel: A Review

Date Your Wife: A Review

  I was recently looking for a short, simple Christian marriage book to give to a friend so I picked up Date Your Wife by Justin Buzzard.  I started it with relatively high hopes, but was soon disappointed. Let me start with the positives.  First, Buzzard did root some of his discussion in Scripture.  He… Continue reading Date Your Wife: A Review