He Who Censures Often (Binning)

 Some of us might know people who are super critical of everything.  They always seem to be criticizing someone for something.  They never say anything nice about anyone but they find faults in everyone.  Everything they say is critical.  That's very annoying and even painful to deal with when the person is not a Christian;… Continue reading He Who Censures Often (Binning)

The Bond of Perfection (Col 3.14)

  I've appreciated this book on Christian love (based on John 13.35, 1 Cor 13, etc.) by Scottish Covenanter Hugh Binning (d. 1653).  It isn't the easiest Puritan Paperback to read, but it is worth the effort.  The treatise is short (80 small pages) and there are a few of Binning's sermons as an appendix (around 25 pages).  I'm amazed at… Continue reading The Bond of Perfection (Col 3.14)