An Outline of Horton’s New ST

 I have to admit that I'm not wild about some aspects of the layout of Mike Horton's excellent new systematic theology, The Christian Faith.  I'm not sure why the editors/publisher didn't give us a more detailed outline, and I'm not sure what good a tiny glossary does (it is 12 pages or so).  This book is a… Continue reading An Outline of Horton’s New ST

Horton on Evangelical Ecclesiologies

Earlier, I posted a blurb from Mike Horton on Volf and Grenz, specifically discussing Free-Church ecclesiology.  Volf had a penetrating critique which Horton draws upon and expands from the Reformation point of view in People and Place.  By way of reminder, Volf (himself within the Free Church tradition), criticized Free Church ecclesiology for giving into… Continue reading Horton on Evangelical Ecclesiologies

Evangelical Ecclesiologies: Volf “vs” Grenz

Mike Horton, drawing on Miroslav Volf (in After Our Likeness), has a profound critique of free church (evangelical church) ecclesiologies, something which Stanley Grenz has written on.  Here's a summary of Horton's interaction with the two in his recent People and Place (from pages 176-177).  I'll post Horton's own words in a day or two.… Continue reading Evangelical Ecclesiologies: Volf “vs” Grenz

We Can[not] Do It!

 If you haven't grabbed this book yet, you should do it sooner than later.  Here are a few blurbs from two different sections (Michael Horton, Christless Christianity [Grand Rapids: Baker Books, 2008]).  "We Americans are not well-known in the world as people who know how to blush.  On the contrary, we are a very self-confident… Continue reading We Can[not] Do It!

Christ – My Life Coach Helping Me Overcome My Bad Habits?

Here's what Willimon says about Horton's new book which diagnoses the Amerincan church, Christless Christianity: The Alternative Gospel of the American Church (Grand Rapids: Baker, 2008): "Here the roots of our current theological malaise are exposed and we see the wrong turns we took when we began taking ourselves more seriously than God.  Michael Horton… Continue reading Christ – My Life Coach Helping Me Overcome My Bad Habits?