If We Know Our Own Hearts (Henry)

Romans 12:9a says, "Love must be without hypocrisy" (NET). Matthew Henry said this love is affectionate and respectful. Concerning the latter he wrote, 2) A respectful love: In honor preferring one another (v10b). Instead of contending for superiority, let us be forward to give to others the pre-eminence. This is explained in Phil. 2:3, Let… Continue reading If We Know Our Own Hearts (Henry)

Ryan Job: Duty, Courage, Faith

There are certain people in this world that are just plain inspiring.  Maybe you know someone who is a solid Christian and also a principled helper and encourager - devoted to Christ, his family, and others.  These are people you enjoy being around because God uses them to bless you in various ways.  Ryan Job… Continue reading Ryan Job: Duty, Courage, Faith

Tertullian on Honoring Caesar

 Tertullian's (145-220 AD) Apology is an outstanding early defense of Christianity.  Lord willing, I'll comment more on this in the near future.  For now, I want to highlight a section (chap. 31-34) where Tertullian said that Christians neither hated Caesar nor dishonored him.  Rather, they prayed for him and gave him high honor, as the Scriptures… Continue reading Tertullian on Honoring Caesar

John’s Gospel, Irony, and First Century Shame/Honor

  Jerome H. Neyrey wrote a nice article in Semeia called "Despising the Shame of the Cross: Honor and Shame in the Johannine Passion Narrative" (#68 [1994] 113-137) (the above image is not the issue in which Neyrey wrote).  In this article, Neyrey discusses what shame and honor meant in the first century (which is… Continue reading John’s Gospel, Irony, and First Century Shame/Honor