Spurgeon’s Allegorizing

  Charles Spurgeon mentioned to his students that within certain limits it was OK to "spiritualize" a text.  He spent some time explaining this point in Lectures to My Students.  It's not exactly easy to get a precise definition of what it means to "spiritualize" a text; it has to do with the interpretation of… Continue reading Spurgeon’s Allegorizing

The Seven Adverbs of Pastoral Duty (DPW)

 (This is a re-post from June 2012) Aside from writing the magnificent confession and catechisms, the Westminster divines also wrote a directory for public worship (DPW) which was approved in 1645.  One section of this directory that has always stuck out for me is where it explains the duties of the pastor in simple, clear,… Continue reading The Seven Adverbs of Pastoral Duty (DPW)

Spurgeon’s Preaching: A Critique (Greidanus)

   Charles Spurgeon (d. 1892) doesn't need much of an introduction in Calvinist circles.  We all know that the Lord used Spurgeon's preaching to bring many to Christ and to build his people up in the faith.  I'd guess that Spurgeon is one of the most quoted preachers in history.  He's beloved by many for… Continue reading Spurgeon’s Preaching: A Critique (Greidanus)

Preaching to the Heart (Bartholomew)

 It is true that in some churches sermons are often simply [dry] lectures in theology.  While good theology is a good thing, a sermon should not just be a lecture in theology. A sermon is theological, to be sure, but a sermon also involves the will, the emotions, and of course, the heart.  Craig Bartholomew… Continue reading Preaching to the Heart (Bartholomew)