For Greek Junkies: BDAG and the Apostolic Fathers

For you fellow Greek junkies out there, though I may be preaching to the choir, don't forget to use BDAG (A Greek-English Lexicon of the New Testament and Other Early Christian Literature) to find word parallels between the NT and the early church fathers.  Below is an example from a brief word study on 1… Continue reading For Greek Junkies: BDAG and the Apostolic Fathers

Apostolic Fathers: A Great Resource

This source is a gem.  The latest edition (3rd) of  the Greek/English text of the Apostolic Fathers (edited by M. W. Holmes) is a sturdy, easy to read primary source of early church theology and piety.  The Greek font is easy to read, and the English text on the opposing page quite closely matches it,… Continue reading Apostolic Fathers: A Great Resource