“Some Pastors and Teachers” – Not for Pastors Only

 I recently started reading Sinclair Ferguson's newest book, Some Pastors and Teachers.  I have to admit I am a bit disappointed to find out it is mostly a collection of previously published material.  Around 30 of the 39 chapters have been published elsewhere (Baker, Christian Focus, IVP, P&R, Ligonier, etc.).  I was expecting this book to… Continue reading “Some Pastors and Teachers” – Not for Pastors Only

We Worship One God in Trinity

  One of the beauties of Reformed liturgy is that it reminds Christians week after week that we worship the Triune God.  In fact, as the pastor of a small Reformed church in rural Washington State, I begin many services with these words: “We are gathered here in the name of the Father, the Son,… Continue reading We Worship One God in Trinity

The Extent of the Atonement (Gottschalk)

Gottschalk (d. 869) was one of those theologians in the medieval church that stood firmly on the doctrines of sovereign grace (much like Augustine did in the early church context).  In J. Pelikan's Growth of Medieval Theology, there's a section about Gottschalk's explanation of Christ's atonement - specifically the extent of it (that is, definite or indefinite atonement). … Continue reading The Extent of the Atonement (Gottschalk)

Butchering History?

 I'm sure some of our readers know what an exegetical fallacy is - word study fallacies, grammatical fallacies, etc.  It is also important for us to realize that we can make errors when interpreting history or historical texts.  We've all made some historical fallacies at one time or another.  For example, if we read only a few chapters from… Continue reading Butchering History?

Anselm’s “De Concordia”

 I've been reading through Anselm of Canterbury's De Concordia, which was one of the last things he wrote before his death in 1109 AD.  De Concordia is no easy read, since it deals philosophically with the difficult topics of God's foreknowledge and predestination as well as human freedom.  In fact, I'm still wrestling through some… Continue reading Anselm’s “De Concordia”