Hezekiah: A Second David with “Messianic Dimensions” (Arnold)

 Hezekiah was one of those kings of Judah that really sticks out in the biblical record.  And he sticks out in a good way.  The author of Kings, the Chronicler, and the prophecies of Isaiah contain quite a bit of information on king Hezekiah. His story, reign, and literary references are not just coincidental or… Continue reading Hezekiah: A Second David with “Messianic Dimensions” (Arnold)

Affliction, Purpose, and Mercy (Bruce)

 I'm enjoying this book of Robert Bruce's sermons on Isaiah 38 (Hezekiah's sickness and recovery).  In his first sermon, Bruce explained how the suffering of God's people is not exactly the same as the suffering of those who are not God's people.  Here's what he wrote: [Hezekiah's story] teaches us not to measure the favor… Continue reading Affliction, Purpose, and Mercy (Bruce)