“Of Pure Grace and Most Unmerited Favor” (Witsius)

  The Apostle Paul is very clear that a sinner is justified by faith alone apart from works (Rom 3.28, Gal 2:16). He also says that we are justified by grace (Titus 3:7).  When it comes to being justified by God, being declared righteous by him, it is not at all based on anything we've… Continue reading “Of Pure Grace and Most Unmerited Favor” (Witsius)

The Church Will Not Fail (Witsius)

 In the Apostles' Creed we confess that we believe "a holy catholic church."  Catholic here means universal or worldwide.  But what does it mean to say that we believe a holy catholic church?  Notice that it doesn't say "we believe in the holy catholic church."  The Creed doesn't call the Church a Savior or the… Continue reading The Church Will Not Fail (Witsius)

It Does Not Depend Upon Any Uncertain Condition (Witsius)

In Reformed theology distinctions are quite important.  There's a distinction between the law and the gospel, between justification and sanctification, and between the covenant of works and covenant of grace  (just to name a few).  Here is how Herman Witsius explained the difference between the latter: Here we are to observe a remarkable difference between… Continue reading It Does Not Depend Upon Any Uncertain Condition (Witsius)

Our Best Works (Witsius)

I’ve been enjoying Herman Witsius’ discussion of antinomianism and neonomianism in Britain during the 17th century.  The full title is a mouthful: Conciliatory or Irenical Animadversions on the Controversies Agitated in Britain.  Below is a section near the end where Witsius talks about a believer’s good works and why they cannot be part of or… Continue reading Our Best Works (Witsius)

The Two-fold Aspect of God’s Kingdom (Witsius)

  In Reformed church history, theologians have generally made a distinction when it came to discussing God’s kingdom or kingdoms.  Simply put, historic Reformed theology distinguished between God’s general kingdom (his kingdom of power/nature) and God’s saving kingdom (his kingdom of grace/glory).  Here’s how Herman Witsius spoke about this distinction in his discussion on the… Continue reading The Two-fold Aspect of God’s Kingdom (Witsius)