God the Author of Sin/Evil?? (Witsius)

Followers of Christ know and believe that God is not the author of sin or evil. We strongly affirm that God is just, perfect, and fair. We confess that everything he does is righteous and upright (e.g. Dt. 32:4, Rev. 15:3, etc.). Christians also know from Scripture that God does not tempt people to sin… Continue reading God the Author of Sin/Evil?? (Witsius)

To Be Sin For Us (Witsius)

2 Corinthians 5:21 is one of those great verses that many Christians have memorized because it is such a clear explanation of the gospel: "He made Him who knew no sin to be sin on our behalf, so that we might become the righteousness of God in Him" (NASB). Herman Witsius, a 17th century Dutch… Continue reading To Be Sin For Us (Witsius)

The Law, The Gospel, Our Salvation (Witsius)

 I like how Herman Witsius ended his discussion on the antinomian and neonomian controversy in Britain around 1700.  In the concluding part of this book Witsius discussed the preaching of the law and the gospel.  Here are the last two sections which I've slightly edited for length: ...The beginning of the new life is not… Continue reading The Law, The Gospel, Our Salvation (Witsius)

The Denial of All Our Own Righteousness (Witsius)

 In his book on the controversies surrounding law, gospel, and grace in England around the year 1700, Herman Witsius (d. 1708) gave an excellent defense of justification by faith alone in Christ alone, based on God's grace alone.  At one point he talked about the errors of legalism, the Judaizers, and non-Christian views.  Following those… Continue reading The Denial of All Our Own Righteousness (Witsius)

The Blessings of Bible Study (Witsius)

 Don't let anyone convince you that those older Reformed theologians were dry, dispassionate teachers who were only concerned about bare doctrine and orthodoxy.  Read what Herman Witsius (d. 1708) had to say about the blessings of Bible study. I take it he's speaking from experience! The Word of God... when studied attentively, has also an… Continue reading The Blessings of Bible Study (Witsius)