Critiquing Mysticism and Pietism: Six Points (Bavinck)

 In his first volume of Reformed Ethics, Herman Bavinck spent quite some time discussing mysticism and pietism.  At the end of the section on mysticism and pietism, Bavinck wrote the following critique.  (For the record, I wish he would've expanded a bit on these points since they are helpful.) However justified mysticism and Pietism were in… Continue reading Critiquing Mysticism and Pietism: Six Points (Bavinck)

Self-glorification and Sin (Bavinck)

 In the second chapter of the first volume of Reformed Ethics, Herman Bavinck discussed the organizing principle and classification of sins.  He mentioned, of course, that sin is disobeying God's law and is the opposite of the good.  He also gave a good explanation of how sin is an attempt to dethrone God and enthrone the… Continue reading Self-glorification and Sin (Bavinck)

Reformed Dogmatics and Reformed Ethics (Bavinck)

So good! "...The difference [between dogmatics and ethics] does not lie in the fact that the former deals with the understanding and knowledge, while the latter is concerned with the will and conduct. This would boil down to a division of human beings into two parts, of which one half is purely intellectual and the… Continue reading Reformed Dogmatics and Reformed Ethics (Bavinck)

The New Jerusalem (Bavinck)

One great aspect of being a follower of Jesus is the fact that we have a great inheritance waiting for us in the new creation (1 Pet 1:4-5). The new creation itself will be an amazing place where God's people will no longer have to worry about sin, sickness, evil, death, cancer, kidnapping, rape, divorce,… Continue reading The New Jerusalem (Bavinck)

The Great Names of God (Bavinck)

I really like Herman Bavinck's discussion of the names of God in the second volume of his Reformed Dogmatics.  Here's a section of it which is full of Scripture references.  It's theological and redemptive-historical, but it's also practical: There is an intimate link between God and his name. According to Scripture, this link too is not… Continue reading The Great Names of God (Bavinck)