The Duties of the Church (Bullinger)

Henry Bullinger's mid-sixteenth century publication, The Decades is a four volume collection of sermons on the main points of the Christian faith. The Decades is something like Calvin's Institutes in structure, content, and character. These sermons by Bullinger are worth reading! In the fifth book of The Decades, sermon 1, Bullinger wrote on the church.… Continue reading The Duties of the Church (Bullinger)

Worshiping the Inventions of Our Own Hearts? (Bullinger)

God is knowable. He has made himself known in and through creation but most specifically and clearly God has made himself known in his Word. Many people, however, think about God in their own terms as they wish. It's not only wrong to think our own independent thoughts about God, it is a dark and… Continue reading Worshiping the Inventions of Our Own Hearts? (Bullinger)

Bullinger: Stick Fast Unto the Word

Around 1550, Swiss Reformer Henry (Heinrich) Bullinger’s sermons (called The Decades of Henry Bullinger) were published.  Bullinger preached on faith, justification, the Apostles' Creed, the Ten Commandments, the law, the gospel, the sacraments, and so forth.  At the beginning of these sermons Bullinger focused on God’s Word – what it is and why it is… Continue reading Bullinger: Stick Fast Unto the Word