Denying Hell? (Turretin)

The last section of Francis Turretin's Institutes appropriately covers the doctrine of the last things (eschatology). Turretin's seventh question is this: "Is there a hell? And what are its punishments...?" Turretin immediately says yes, hell is real and it is a place of punishment for the wicked. He gives numerous Scripture quotations to defend the… Continue reading Denying Hell? (Turretin)

Hell (Geenna) (NIDNTTE)

In many modern English versions of the Bible, the word hell is used fourteen times (eleven by Jesus). The Greek word in twelve of these instances is γεεννα (geenna or gehenna). What does this word "hell" or "geenna" mean? It's actually the Greek transliteration of the Old Testament phrase "Valley of Hinnom." Below is a… Continue reading Hell (Geenna) (NIDNTTE)

Easter and the Fear of Hell (Boston)

 Although many people mock the truth of hell's existence, some people struggle with the fear of hell.  Some people are afraid of spending eternity facing a punishment in a place where there is forever weeping and gnashing of teeth.  It's hard to think about suffering God's eternal wrath against sin.  On this topic,  Thomas Boston… Continue reading Easter and the Fear of Hell (Boston)

Eternal Punishment (Vos)

 When Scripture talks about the eventual fate of the unrepentant, those who never turn to Christ in faith, it is a bleak picture of God's wrath and punishment.  It's not a fun thing to talk about, but it is a reality that makes Christians so thankful for Christ and his saving work and the eternal… Continue reading Eternal Punishment (Vos)

Jesus’ Teaching On Hell

  Jesus talked about hell quite a bit; if you’ve read the Gospels, this is not a groundbreaking statement.  I appreciate how Don Carson reflects on Jesus’ “hard” teaching on hell: 1) On the whole Jesus himself is not shocked by the existence of hell, but by the hardness of people’s hearts.  As I already… Continue reading Jesus’ Teaching On Hell