We Share in Christ’s Anointing

When studying the person and work of Christ in Scripture, one thing we should not overlook is how Christ is our prophet, priest, and king. Throughout the Bible one can find language and themes that highlight Christ's role of being the final and great prophet (Heb. 1:1-3). There's language throughout Hebrews about Christ having the… Continue reading We Share in Christ’s Anointing

The Law/Gospel Distinction in Reformed Theology

This is a re-post from October, 2009. I've posted on this before, but it is something that needs to be said more than a few times: the law/gospel distinction is right there in the fabric of historic Reformed theology.  Though some people don't like it, won't teach it, and think it is Lutheran, it is… Continue reading The Law/Gospel Distinction in Reformed Theology

A Catechism of the Heart and Head (Good)

Around one hundred years ago, James Good wrote the following about the Heidelberg Catechism and its practical value for the Christian life: But there was a third significance in the Heidelberg at the time of its birth. It was an experimental catechism — a catechism of the heart as well as of the head. It… Continue reading A Catechism of the Heart and Head (Good)

The Law/Gospel Distinction (Olevianus)

 The Reformers understood the difference between the law and the gospel.  It wasn't just Luther who made this important distinction.  For one example, here's how Caspar Olevianus (d. 1587) explained it (as quoted by Otto Thelemann): "With reference to the relation between the law and the Gospel, Olevianus says: “The law is a principle which… Continue reading The Law/Gospel Distinction (Olevianus)

The Law as a Rule of Life

As long as I can remember I have resonated with the teaching that the law of God is a guide of gratitude for the Christian's life.  I've always liked how the Heidelberg Catechism says that obeying the law is a Christian's way of saying "thanks" to God for salvation by grace alone through faith alone… Continue reading The Law as a Rule of Life