It’s All About Me (Because I’m Special!)

This is a good book that describes the selfishness, vanity, pride, arrogance, depression, cynicism, apathy, and attitude of many young Americans today: Generation Me by Jean Twenge.  The subtitle of the book explains it a bit more: Why Today's Young Americans Are More Confident, Assertive, Entitled - and More Miserable Than Ever Before.  If this topic… Continue reading It’s All About Me (Because I’m Special!)

Calling a Worldly Church to Holiness

 This is a great book: R. Kent Hughes, Set Apart: Calling a Worldly Church to a Godly Life.  Read these quotes, then put this on your "to read for 2011" list. "...In contemporary evangelicalism there has been a deficiency of cultural awareness and a resulting lack of discernment regarding how the world has overwhelmed the thinking… Continue reading Calling a Worldly Church to Holiness