What is the Septuagint?

Since we just mentioned Everett Ferguson's new book on baptism in the early church (the first 5 centuries), it may be helpful to mention his other work on the early historical context of the church: Backgrounds of Early Christianity. This is an awesome resource for NT studies - a 650 page treasure full of great… Continue reading What is the Septuagint?

Fokkelman on Hebrew Poetry

In seminary, we read parts of J. P. Fokkelman on biblical narrative and biblical poetry.  Recently, while studying the Shirat ha-Yam (the Song at the Sea) in Ex 15, I read parts of Fokkelman on poetry again to review several aspects.  I realize there are several different approaches to biblical poetry; I need to read… Continue reading Fokkelman on Hebrew Poetry

Hebrew Grammar and Homiletics

You mean that my Hebrew grammar/syntax classes in seminary and assigned readings in it make a difference in my preaching? Of course! In the studies of biblical languages, the theoretical serves the practical, as with theology. Here's one example. In 2 Chronicles 21.11, when the story teller describes Jehoram's wicked reign over Judah, he uses… Continue reading Hebrew Grammar and Homiletics