The [False] Heart v Head Dichotomy (Troxel)

"I know it in my head but I can't feel it in my heart." "Christianity is more about the heart than the head." "The heart is more important than the mind." Christians sometimes use phrases like these while attempting explain the biblical commands to love the Lord with all our hearts and to do his… Continue reading The [False] Heart v Head Dichotomy (Troxel)

A Person’s Deep Longing (Smith)

Humans differ from animals in various ways. For example, humans are made in the image of God and we have "souls that will last forever" as the kids' catechism rightly says. For another example, humans have deep longings of the heart. Here's how James Smith explains Augustine's view of humans and our longings: Augustine opens… Continue reading A Person’s Deep Longing (Smith)

The Riddle or Enigma of Man (Bavinck)

 Here's a great excerpt from the first chapter in Bavinck's Our Reasonable Faith (aka The Wonderful Works of God or Magnalia Dei). I really like how Bavinck integrates Augustine and Pascal in his biblical reflections: The conclusion, therefore, is that of Augustine, who said that the heart of man was created for God and that it cannot find… Continue reading The Riddle or Enigma of Man (Bavinck)

Motives at Work in Sexual Sin (Powlison)

Last week I mentioned David Powlison's forthcoming book, Making All Things New.  Today I want to highlight part of it that is quite helpful in thinking of the nuts and bolts of sexual sin, whether it be adultery, pornography, homosexuality, or lust (and so on).  Below are various motives at work in sexual sin, which… Continue reading Motives at Work in Sexual Sin (Powlison)

The Religious Compartment

 Two days ago I mentioned William Wilberforce’s book called Real Christianity (that’s the modern title for it anyway).  In chapter four he explains the true character of the real Christian life and then contrasts it with the beliefs and practices of nominal Christians.  The second section of this chapter is where Wilberforce describes how nominal… Continue reading The Religious Compartment