If He Would Just Show Me A Miracle… (Pascal)

Some people say that if God showed them a miracle, they would believe in him.  Blaise Pascal (d.1662) gave an excellent critique of this faulty approach to belief in God.  The following quote is a great apologetic: "'If I had seen a miracle,' they say, 'I should be converted.'  How can they be positive that… Continue reading If He Would Just Show Me A Miracle… (Pascal)

Paralyzed by Fear? (Stott)

 The 1977 publication Our Sovereign God is a nice collection of articles from J. M. Boice, R. C. Sproul, J. I. Packer, John Stott, and so on.  The book is actually a collection of the addresses from the Philadelphia Conference on Reformed Theology from 1974-1976.  This is a good resource to own.  Here's one excerpt from John Stott's… Continue reading Paralyzed by Fear? (Stott)

It Does Not Depend Upon Any Uncertain Condition (Witsius)

In Reformed theology distinctions are quite important.  There's a distinction between the law and the gospel, between justification and sanctification, and between the covenant of works and covenant of grace  (just to name a few).  Here is how Herman Witsius explained the difference between the latter: Here we are to observe a remarkable difference between… Continue reading It Does Not Depend Upon Any Uncertain Condition (Witsius)