The Christian and Death-bed Guilt (Newton)

Some Christians struggle with their guilt, sin, and unworthiness more than others.  Quite a few Christians have a roller coaster experience with guilt.  For awhile their guilt almost disappears and they very much feel the comfort of being forgiven and loved by God.  But other times their guilt brings them grief because they can't feel… Continue reading The Christian and Death-bed Guilt (Newton)

When Satan Reminds You of Your Sin

Satan is an expert at rubbing our noses in our past sins.  He knows how to plague Christians by telling them their sins are so great they should despair.  He masks the truth (“You have sinned greatly against God in thousands of ways…”) with a lie (“…Therefore you have no hope of salvation”).  Puritan Thomas… Continue reading When Satan Reminds You of Your Sin

No Fishing Allowed

I enjoy fishing. In fact, my three boys and I recently returned from a camping trip on which we caught a handful of trout up in the general area of Mt. Rainier, WA.  So this illustration Jerry Bridges referred to in his book The Gospel for Real Life caught my attention. The verse Bridges is… Continue reading No Fishing Allowed

Our Guilt Has Reached The Heavens

Here are some great words from a great book: The Gospel for Real Life by Jerry Bridges.  This quote is found near the end of the section where Bridges talks about original sin and the sinful guilt/pollution humans have by nature (i.e. Rom. 3:10-20). “You might be thinking by this time, ‘Why devote so much… Continue reading Our Guilt Has Reached The Heavens

Only the Gospel…

In a sermon on Proverbs 11:30, in 1787, John Newton explained the power of the gospel – the good news that Jesus died and rose to save sinners.  While the law commands, the gospel comforts: “The Gospel removes difficulties insuperable to human power.  It causes the blind to see, the deaf to hear; it softens… Continue reading Only the Gospel…