The Greek New Testament: Reader’s Edition (UBS5) – A Short Review

 I've had my Greek New Testament (UBS 4th Revised Edition) since 2004 when I was in seminary.  It's been my main NT Greek Bible ever since.  Although I had to tape the spine, it's held together pretty well. I typically try to keep the same Bibles as long as possible, but recently I purchased the… Continue reading The Greek New Testament: Reader’s Edition (UBS5) – A Short Review

A Practical & Concise Resource For Reviewing Greek Grammar (Merkle)

 If you 1) have a few semesters of Greek under your belt and 2) want a concise resource to review the basics of Greek grammar, here's a book to check out: Exegetical Gems from Biblical Greek by Benjamin Merkle.  It's not a standard shortened Greek grammar.  However, it does contain the basics of Greek grammar such as a… Continue reading A Practical & Concise Resource For Reviewing Greek Grammar (Merkle)

Greek Humor (Wallace)

 There are countless passages in the Hebrew and Greek texts that are relatively easy to translate and interpret.  On the other hand, there are some texts that are super difficult to translate and interpet.  After many hours/days of work (or more!), sometimes you just can't figure it out.  One such example for me has been… Continue reading Greek Humor (Wallace)

Principles for Productive Word Study (Walton)

 Word studies are a helpful tool in the exegetical toolbox.  There is a lot more to studying Scripture than doing word studies, to be sure, but word studies are helpful in determining the meaning of a text or texts.  Now there are wrong ways to do word studies.  There are exegetical fallacies that are quite… Continue reading Principles for Productive Word Study (Walton)

Word Study Fallacies (Carson)

 Many preachers, speakers, and Bible teachers know at least a little Greek.  Knowing a little Greek isn't a bad thing, but trying to use the little Greek one knows often turns out badly.  One example is when it comes to Greek word studies.  Word study errors are legion.  From defining the word by its root,… Continue reading Word Study Fallacies (Carson)