The Three Uses of the Law (Luther)

 Here's a great Reformation treatment on the purposes (or uses) of God's law. "What purposes does the Law then serve?"First, the Law helps to control violent outbursts of sin and keeps order in the world (a curb).Second, the Law accuses us and shows us our sin (a mirror).Third, the Law teaches us Christians what we… Continue reading The Three Uses of the Law (Luther)

The Law as a Rule of Life

As long as I can remember I have resonated with the teaching that the law of God is a guide of gratitude for the Christian's life.  I've always liked how the Heidelberg Catechism says that obeying the law is a Christian's way of saying "thanks" to God for salvation by grace alone through faith alone… Continue reading The Law as a Rule of Life

Misunderstanding the Law: Antinomianism and Legalism

In, The Christian Faith, Mike Horton has some helpful notes that help steer Christians clear of both antinomianism and legalism.  Here are a few parts of a longer section: In many respects, antinomianism and legalism share the same misunderstandings of the law.  Like human laws, God’s laws are not abstract principles for living but are… Continue reading Misunderstanding the Law: Antinomianism and Legalism

Calvin on the Antinomians: Bid Farewell to the Law?

 Yesterday I noted Calvin’s discussion of the third use of the law – the biblical teaching that the law is useful for us in the Christian life as a guide unto righteousness.  Right after Calvin mentioned this, he spoke against those who think we do not need the law (the Libertines and Antinomians): Some unskillful… Continue reading Calvin on the Antinomians: Bid Farewell to the Law?

The Sweet Direction of the Law

Historic Reformed theology teaches that the law is useful for the Christian in two main ways: 1) to show him his need for Christ by convicting him of sin and 2) to guide him in thankful living for the glory of God (see Westminster Confession of Faith 19.6).  Below are some quotes showing how Francis… Continue reading The Sweet Direction of the Law