“Of Pure Grace and Most Unmerited Favor” (Witsius)

  The Apostle Paul is very clear that a sinner is justified by faith alone apart from works (Rom 3.28, Gal 2:16). He also says that we are justified by grace (Titus 3:7).  When it comes to being justified by God, being declared righteous by him, it is not at all based on anything we've… Continue reading “Of Pure Grace and Most Unmerited Favor” (Witsius)

Nothing Done By Us… (Hodge)

 Charles Hodge wrote that justification is... ...[A] declarative act in which God pronounces the sinner just or righteous, that is, declares that the claims of justice, so far as he is concerned, are satisfied, so that he cannot be justly condemned, but is in justice entitled to the reward promised or due to perfect righteousness.… Continue reading Nothing Done By Us… (Hodge)

Justification by Grace Alone: Defense Against Satan’s Attacks (Gurnall)

 There are quite a few Bible truths and texts that help us when Satan comes to accuse and trouble us.  For example, we can think about the armor of God in Ephesians 6.  We could think about God's promise that he'll soon crush Satan under our feet (Rom. 16.20).  William Gurnall gave some helpful Christian… Continue reading Justification by Grace Alone: Defense Against Satan’s Attacks (Gurnall)

Grace: Free, Sovereign, Undeserved Love (Berkhof)

 I always appreciate Louis Berkhof's explanations of various biblical doctrines.  He had a good way of summarizing various parts of Scripture in a concise yet clear way.  I've put part of his discussion on grace below.  This is helpful to think about when considering that we're saved by grace: A. In the first place grace is… Continue reading Grace: Free, Sovereign, Undeserved Love (Berkhof)

Living By Grace (Bridges)

 Martin Lloyd-Jones once famously said that the loud and clear preaching of salvation by grace alone will lead to a misunderstanding.  The misunderstanding is this: if we are saved by grace alone, then it doesn't matter how we live.  Jerry Bridges comments on this topic: That charge was brought against Martin Luther and all the… Continue reading Living By Grace (Bridges)