Calvin on Christ in the Old Testament

I’m thankful that many preachers and teachers in conservative and broadly Calvinistic evangelical churches are talking about Christ in the Old Testament.  I do hope it keeps up, but I wish people wouldn’t act like this approach is novel, innovative, or ground-breaking – as if this is the latest “cool new thing.”  It’s not.  Our… Continue reading Calvin on Christ in the Old Testament

Only The Word

Here are some great words from Gary Gilley in his book, This Little Church Stayed Home – a follow up to his earlier book, This Little Church Went To Market. “This is how God proposes his church be built up – through the careful, accurate and clear preaching and teaching of his Word.  Nothing else… Continue reading Only The Word

The Lion and Lamb

These are great words from a great book: The Unfolding Mystery by Edmund Clowney.  This is a short commentary on Genesis 49:9-10. “The ancient prophecy is recalled again in the last book of the Bible.  John weeps because there is no one who can open the book of God’s decrees.  One of the elders in… Continue reading The Lion and Lamb

The Divine Warrior Motif (OT/NT)

If you're looking for a solid and relatively easy to read book that traces the Divine Warrior motif through the OT and NT, you'll want to get God is a Warrior by Tremper Longman and Daniel Reid (Grand Rapids: Zondervan, 1995).  The layout is pretty straightforward.  The first part of the book is about God the Warrior… Continue reading The Divine Warrior Motif (OT/NT)