Applications & Implications of the RPW

Based on the 2nd commandment and other biblical texts and stories, historic Reformed and Presbyterian churches have taught and practiced the Regulative Principle of Worship: we are to worship God in no other way than he has commanded in his word (HC Q/A 96, WLC Q/A 109).  There are several different applications and implications of… Continue reading Applications & Implications of the RPW

Busy Making Gods (Or The Idol Business)

   In Tell it Slant, Eugene Peterson has a great section on how we are prone to idolatry (from pages 150-151). "We don't come to God; God comes to us.  ... But we don't want God.  The well-documented evidence is that we want to be our own gods.  The evidence piles up from every continent… Continue reading Busy Making Gods (Or The Idol Business)