The NIV Zondervan Study Bible (A Review)

There are too many study Bibles.  If I’m not mistaken, there are at least fifteen conservative evangelical study Bibles on the market, maybe even twenty plus.  While this fact does make me somewhat cynical, I do think there is a place for a good study Bible on the shelf.  Since I have quite a few… Continue reading The NIV Zondervan Study Bible (A Review)

The Uniqueness of Scripture

One of the attributes of Scripture that we might not think about so much is the fact that it is completely unique.  Scripture is the only clear, sufficient, necessary, authoritative, and perfect source of saving knowledge of our Triune God (Ps. 12:6, 2 Pet. 1:21, John 10:35, Rom. 3:4, 2 Tim. 3:15-17, etc.).  John Murray… Continue reading The Uniqueness of Scripture

Revelation: Acts and Speech

If you haven’t read Packer’s Fundamentalism and the Word of God, I’d suggest putting it on your “to read” list.  Here’s a section from it that explains how God reveals himself in his acts (i.e. the Exodus) and also in speech (i.e. the Prophets) – and these go together, as Packer notes.  Packer's helpful argument… Continue reading Revelation: Acts and Speech

Thy Word Is Still Truth: A Brief Review

I typically don’t write reviews of books I haven’t read in full.  However, I think an exception can be made for Thy Word Is Still Truth ed. Peter Lillback and Richard Gaffin, Jr. (Phillipsburg: P&R, 2013).  It contains over 1,340 pages that discuss the nature, scope, interpretation, sufficiency, authority, infallibility, inerrancy, necessity, beauty, and clarity… Continue reading Thy Word Is Still Truth: A Brief Review

Trembling Before the Word

 Here's a great section of Jerry Bridges' commentary on the fruit of the Spirit and other Christian virtues.  Here he talks about one aspect of Christian humility. "The person who is truly humble before God is also humble before God's Word.  God says he esteems the person who is humble and contrite in spirit and who… Continue reading Trembling Before the Word