Bible Roulette (Willard)

Although I'm a Christian who is Reformed by conviction, I've been very blessed in many ways by Christian resources that are not Reformed. From C.S. Lewis to Blaise Pascal to Dietrich Bonhoeffer (and others!), I've always enjoyed and appreciated books from other Christian perspectives. I certainly don't (and won't!) limit my reading to "Reformed-only" books.… Continue reading Bible Roulette (Willard)

That Which We Cannot Comprehend

Arthur Dent (d. 1607) wrote one of the most popular Puritan devotional works in the 17th century: The Plain Man's Pathway to Heaven.   This book was reprinted over 50 times in the 17th century, and John Bunyan's Pilgrim's Progress was greatly influenced by it.  In The Plain Man's Pathway, Dent records a fictional but instructive dialogue… Continue reading That Which We Cannot Comprehend


It is biblical to say that Christians are called to follow Jesus and live the Christian life with diligence.  I appreciate how Dutch theologian Wilhelmus a Brakel (d. 1711) explained this: “God has granted man a soul and a body, as well as the ability to be occupied and to glorify him with both.  …After… Continue reading Diligence

It Was a ‘God Thing’ (Really?)

(This is a repost from February, 2012) I'm sure many of you have heard the phrase, "It was a God-thing" or something similar.  What evangelicals usually mean by this phrase is that God was somehow directly or immediately at work through some instance in their life.  For example, someone will say that they really needed… Continue reading It Was a ‘God Thing’ (Really?)

I Felt Led To…

  (This is a slightly edited re-post from May, 2011) Common phrases in evangelicalism today include "I felt led to...", "God told me to....", and "The Lord laid it on my heart to...."  I cringe every time someone uses these phrases because I've heard so many unbiblical endings to them.  In fact, I've seen people's… Continue reading I Felt Led To…