Prone to Wander, Preserved by Grace

The following quote from a 1763 letter shows why John Newton is one of my favorite Christian authors.  Notice how a violent struggle against indwelling sin does not weaken Newton’s assurance of faith.  He is deeply disturbed by his indwelling sin, but he does not despair over it because of God’s sovereign and preserving grace. … Continue reading Prone to Wander, Preserved by Grace

The Two Kingdoms and Christian Ethics

One of the worst misrepresentations of the Reformation teaching of God's two kingdoms that I've heard goes like this: "Two kingdom theology means that we only have to live as Christians on Sunday but not the rest of the week."  This notion is completely mistaken in every way; it is absolutely not at all an… Continue reading The Two Kingdoms and Christian Ethics

Scholarship, Excellence, Holiness

 Here are two great paragraphs from Kostenberger's book, Excellence. "The pursuit of holiness on the part of the Christian scholar, I contend, of necessity ought to result in a pursuit of excellence.  As Christians who have been set apart for God's use and called to the vocation of scholarship, we do not engage in our research… Continue reading Scholarship, Excellence, Holiness

Trembling Before the Word

 Here's a great section of Jerry Bridges' commentary on the fruit of the Spirit and other Christian virtues.  Here he talks about one aspect of Christian humility. "The person who is truly humble before God is also humble before God's Word.  God says he esteems the person who is humble and contrite in spirit and who… Continue reading Trembling Before the Word

Live by the Spirit (Gal. 5.16)

 This morning (Friday) I had to peel myself away from replays of the Cardinal's epic game six World Series comeback (and I doubt Josh Hamilton actually heard God tell him he'd hit a home run) to do something far more worthwhile: study Paul's exhortation to "live by the Spirit" (Gal 5.16).  This is a great but tough subject. … Continue reading Live by the Spirit (Gal. 5.16)