Giving/Tithing/Alms/Offerings (Murray)

 As Christians, we are not called to hoard our money and finances.  We are instead called to give some of it away (cf. 2 Cor. 9:7).  Speaking of this, I appreciate David Murray's points on the Christian's financial giving.  I've put some of them below (they are edited for length): Giving Obeys God's Command.  The… Continue reading Giving/Tithing/Alms/Offerings (Murray)

Guilt Giving

I ran across this helpful section of Gospel in Life: Study Guide last night at our church’s Bible study.  I appreciate it in light of popular speakers who make Christians feel guilty for having a furnace, an air conditioner, a fishing boat, and good food to eat each day. “Often books and speakers tell Christians… Continue reading Guilt Giving